Time to change the subtitle of Never Give Up Mom, Yay!

Dear loved Son and followers of Never Give Up Mom,

There always comes the time when the title of the story has to change. In this case the blog.   Years ago when I heard your voice (my sons voice) tell my spirit to never give up I not only paid attention but your whispers helped me to change the direction I was headed.

It’s been five years and many post’s later and now it’s time to change the subtitle of this blog to:   A mothers message to the infinite possibilities of reuniting to our missing children and those we love!

The countless prayers that have accompanied my blog post and the hours that Cristal and many other friends gave this project is priceless.   I thank you all, especially Cristal, for your love and tenacity in making my reunion with my son a reality today!

So with the new spirit in subtitle a new direction for NGUM is born.   Stay tuned for my upcoming launch of my book:  “Wonder and Beauty: My journey from Heartbreak to Healing through the Wonder of Horses.”

If you’re interested in receiving information of my launch please leave me your email on this site and I’ll add it to the launch.

Thank you all for following me and God bless you and yours,

Charla….. a never give up Mom



You are Loved and Thought of Always…

Happy Holidays to you, Darian and all the readers of Never Give Up Mom,

A couple months ago we traveled to the Riverside Mission Inn to be a part of the beautiful event of my birth father’s wedding, your grandfather Lee. It was a family affair and since most of your cousins and relatives wanted to know about our meeting /reunion I decided that maybe you’d like to meet some of them.

No matter how long it’s been since you’ve seen a loved one or maybe one you’ve never met, consider this, if you are here, born that is, you have family that know of you and want to meet you in person!

Mother Teresa was quoted saying:  “Loneliness and the feeling of being unwanted is the most terrible poverty.” Mother Teresa

I used to feel this way, I no longer do.

As we open the door of reunion and all that’s possible for our future, contemplate for a moment that there are many that LOVE YOU AND WANT THE OPPORTUNITY TO GET TO KNOW YOU!

Here is the proof of the connection I’m talking about.

I wish all of the readers of NGUM a New Year Filled with Happiness, Health and Love filled Connection.


The wait is over…

Dear readers,

Where do I begin? Eight years ago the unthinkable happened to me and Darian.

This isn’t the story I’ll speak of today but within these pictures are  years of writing, sorrow and hope.Yesterday was the day of jubilation, joy and peace! We were both nervous and the prior years set us both up to doubt our meeting. I will go on to say that as I write in my upcoming book, Wonder and Beauty, we sat together “in a peace that surpasses all understanding.”

In the Ingrid Betencourt’s book, Even Silence has an End, our silence came to an end and we were joined by people that love and support us. People without judgement and malice and are happy to share our breakthrough meeting with us.

I’d like to say to others that are waiting for your breakthrough meeting, job, relationship to change course or meeting the love of your life. Set yourself free first! Set your self on a course of little or no regret.  Live in an unlimited way, even if that’s in your mind and on your vision board. Pay attention to reoccurring ideas, thoughts and signs and DO NOT dismiss the whispers of your heart. This is your True North.

I want to thank so many for your prayers and well wishes, some that have passed away but never the less saw our reunion yesterday from their place in heaven.

Never give up on your dream’s, stay the course and remember to run YOUR race…

Sure enough when you feel that longing tug deep in your soul, you’ll know your hearts desire is right around the corner.

Blessings to my son Darian and to all Never Give Up Mom followers.



A New Chapter for You and Me!

Dear loved Darian,

I know your on you’re next big chapter as a freshman in university.   What a exciting and challenging time, but my sense is your ready.   The more I write and co-create projects that are near to my heart the more I understand the most important thing I can bring to any outcome is my willingness to tune in and be apart of the creation process.

I listened to Hay House radio and Robert Holden’s show this morning and he talked about one of his daily spiritual practices.  He asked Spirit every day “what would you have me know today.”  He wrote down what came to him on a piece of paper and this guided him to take the steps to co-creating his life.

Darian, I can tell you with absolute certainty that being tuned into God led to to endure many dark years when it came to accepting this separation with you, and it also led me to finish my story of healing and reclaiming my life and it leads me to seek out speakers, authors and ideas that move me in the direction of service and joy.

So my darling son, if you feel that yearning that you need to slow it all down even for a moment, trust your intuition to do so.   True Love is always there to guide you to right answers even if it isn’t a linear line.

I’ve come to believe logic is usually made from others opinions of right or wrong, but following your heart often leads to the place where you are already.

Loved son, be well on your journey.



Darian It’s Your Time



Dear Beloved Son,

I know this month marks the end of your high school years. I also know through various inquires of mine that you are well. I couldn’t be happier for you. I’ve seen your great accomplishments in basketball and I know as a young boy how good you were then.

I remember watching you play in your games and because of my love and understanding of the sport I congratulate you for all your hard work and dedication to something that you love!

When you were born I looked for something written about the meaning of success that I thought embodied the whole truth of the word. This is what I found and I still and came upon this quote written by  Ralph Waldo Emerson.

To laugh often and love much; to win the respect of intelligent persons and the affection of children; to earn the approbation of honest citizens and endure the betrayal of false friends; to appreciate beauty; to find the best in others; to give of one’s self; to leave the world a bit better, whether by a healthy child, a garden patch or a redeemed social condition; to have played and laughed with enthusiasm and sung with exultation; to know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived—this is to have succeeded.1  

Ralph Waldo Emerson

I commend you for doing well, staying the course and now I want nothing but the very best for you as you take your leap out into the world. I am here Darian, always have been always will. Congratulations to you Son, I love you with all of my heart!


My Meeting with Nez Erok


Hello My Beloved Son Darian,

As I continue in my life to seek out and be a part of healing, hope, art, and influence, I was able to put this opportunity together with singer, film maker, counselor, and life coach, Nez Erok.

She was going to be in LA for one evening, after flying from Australia, to show her film, Laid To Rest,’ where it was an entry at the Awareness Film Festival.   I contacted her PR person and told our story of our separation, and my wish to meet her.    In fact, I needed to meet this woman that so boldly carries her message to the world.

Her message is of hope and healing through trauma, with a  profound awareness of the ugliness in domestic abuses of all kinds, and the senseless atrocities and victimization to children around the world.Charla-Nez Erok

Nez is so striking on camera…

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It Goes Fast…Darian!

Dear Loved Son,

What a relief! It’s spring … I can feel you are busy in your senior year of High School and I am sure  you are busy and maybe a bit overwhelmed.   In a few months you will graduate I assume, and with that, your “Wings” to your future will be full grown.   I have been writing, loving and mothering from this place called  Never Give Up Mom.com for four years now, and yes today’s post is much easier to contemplate and begin.

I have seen some of your passion through your basketball stats on your school site and your bright and creative self in some of your videos.    Bravo Darian!!

So I will keep this post of LOVE short for you and the others that have followed Never Give Up Mom and just say, ” I am always with you.   Be Brave, have courage and love life.”

I am proud of you in ways that there are no words for…

Love you now and always,



Follow Your Bliss,Darian…


Dear Loved Son,

I am hoping you have had a wonderful start to your last year in High School!

I sense you are working hard and doing your best to get ready to step into the world as a young man. These last few precious months that are left in your primary school years are exciting times. I remember mine clearly and how anxious I was to get started on all of my dreams. There are many incredible teachers I’ve had along the way and many insightful authors,speakers and courses I still continue to engage with. I believe learning is a life long practice and I hope you feel the same too. Some of my favorites are, Maya Angelou, John F. Kennedy, Ralph Waldo Emerson and Abraham Lincoln and Dr.Wayne Dyer. There are dozens of great thought leaders I have learned from and many have been some of my best friends. So what can I give you this month to ponder? Well this man, his work and philosophies are among the most impactful and thought provoking I have come across. Maybe you have studied him? After the careers, jobs and work tracks I have had the privilege to engage in I believe the following quote from Joseph Campbell is one of the best bits of knowledge I can share with you.

“If you do follow your bliss you put yourself on a kind of track that has been there all the while, waiting for you, and the life that you ought to be living is the one you are living. Follow your bliss and don’t be afraid, and doors will open where you didn’t know they were going to be.”

Joseph Campbell

I love you dear son and believe in you whole-heartedly

2 years oceanLearn, Live and Experience your Life, and above all…Follow your Bliss!

Love you Darian, always will!



Anything is Possible Darian…



Dear beloved son Darian,

Happy New Year! I hope the start of this year is a good one.  I believe you are in your last year of high school and I remember that my last year of high school was filled with many to do list’s as well as lists filled with the possibility of future endeavors and dreams.

I just came back from a dream of a trip to Montreal, Canada.   For many years now I have dreamed of going to a place called Saint Joseph’s Oratory of Mount Royal.

When we lived in our house in Ventura, we had the gift of being neighbors to Saint Catherine’s – By The Sea.   A convent where the nuns came from all over the world to retire, and eventually pass away.   One day, as we were picking  apricots off our tree in the back yard we met two of the sisters, Gloria and Betty.   They asked if they could have some of the fruit that was literally growing over the fence on their property.  Quiet happily we gave them bags of the delicious apricots.  That tree produced such an abundance of apricots that year that we were able to fed the neighborhood, as well as the sisters in the convent!

From that meeting on, every morning at 5:30 am, Sister Gloria and Sister Betty along with the others, would pray for us in the chapel that we could see from our bedrooms.  I visited Sister Gloria one day and she gave me a book about a man named Brother Andre.   He was a slight man that had lived through many hardships and heartbreaks in his life.  The book she gave me about Brother Andre and Mount Royal became a road map, inspiration and finally a destination for me this past holiday.  Over the past seven years of my separation with you, I have derived some extraordinary messages and experiences from God.   I have derived a kind of strength from reading Brother Andre’s story over and over again.

My visit to Saint Joseph’s Oratory of Mount Royal was a DREAM come true.   I could have never put the circumstances together that got me there this past Christmas.   One day, I’d love to fill you in on the details of this story, and I have a feeling you’ll have that look of knowing in your eyes that tells me that you know how it all happened too.

I lit a candle in Oratory in your honor as I always do when I visit churches.   When I lit the candle, its flame was so strong and bright…reminded me of you.

Love you now and always,


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For the followers of Never Give Up Mom:   I want to offer words of encouragement as well as ideas that help shift the circumstances in your lives.   In honor of those you love, light a candle and say a prayer of reconciliation with the belief that you don’t have to know how to change your current condition of separation, just that one day you will be in the presence of those you love.


My Christmas Gift For You

Santuario De Chimayo

Merry Christmas Dear Son,

A couple of years ago I went to explore, pray and leave a picture of you on the wall at the Santuario De Chimayo. In the raw beauty of the New Mexican landscape is this holy place. There are numerous stories that all share the theme of miracle healing that come from visiting there and from the sacred dirt that lies in a hole in the ground in the cathedral. Santuario De Chimayo drew me into itself like a mother draws you into her arms.

I had heard about the wall of pictures and the power of prayer that came along with the intention of leaving a persons picture there. People come from all over the world, just as I had, to seek healing for their loved ones. In my case it was with my relationship with you. After registering in the chapel store and leaving a prayer request in writing the church took your picture and pinned it to the ever growing wall of people.


I felt that the journey from San Francisco to the Santuario De Chimayo was a calling.  The fog of grief about our separation with you was starting to lift. I have always felt better if I knew I was doing everything in my power to bring healing to you and our relationship.

The Gift this year is a Practice. By leaving your picture on the “Wall of Prayer”, I also left the results of our separation in Gods Hands, and with that a great deal of pain. Darian, I guess what I’m saying is, our best efforts are good enough. By journeying to the middle of the New Mexico desert and pinning your picture to a prayer wall, the only thing left to do was to was to rest knowing it was enough.

Merry Christmas Beloved Son!

Love you now and ever more,


To the followers of Never Give Up Mom: Thank you for your years of following my blog and the many encouraging comments you have made. This year I would like to leave you with this thought.  Pin any unresolved problems to the wall of prayer, through this blog and practice the most important act of forgiveness for yourself and see what happens. That could be the most precious gift you can receive. Our sons, daughters and other family members that love us, want us to be free of pain and suffering.  I am wishing for you the magic of a holy holiday season and lightness that comes from relinquishing the burdens of your past.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to you and yours!!

“I can not logically explain what is going on at El Santuario, but our Lord is there, and he listens.”[March 1997] – See more at: http://www.roadsideamerica.com/story/2168

An Olympic Size Thanksgiving for You!

Dear loved Son,

This year is decidedly different from all the other Thanksgiving holidays. First of all, the surprises that came my way and continue to do so, have been, well, answered prayers. I have really enjoyed going back into the field of entertainment as a makeup artist and the jobs that have come my way have been phenomenal!

I got called in to do a job last minute for an artist that couldn’t do it and I ended up on a commercial for VISA.   We had 16 Olympic athletes to groom and though all of them were impressive, there was one athlete that raised the bar to it’s highest level.   Her name is Terezinha Guilhermina, and she is a runner that is blind and is a medal winner many times over!   She is Brazilian and is set to run and win in the 2016 games in Brazil.   All of the athletes have been to prior games and some of them as many as 5.

I felt so elated after finding out about the woman I was taking care of on the set that day.   Team VISA commercials will be running non-stop once they’re launched in the beginning of next year, and  I will be cheering for Terezinha to win.   She wants to win gold in all her three events and plans on bettering her times from the London games.

It never surprises me when I meet  remarkable people in the world inspiring us all to do our best and even go beyond, but I will tell you I always have deep gratitude when I am in their presence.   I am wishing you, other children, parents and family members that are not able to be with their loved this year, a magical and memorable Thanksgiving.   Today on my blog of love and connection to you we had visitors from six different countries.   Looks like this way of connecting to you has gone global!

Happy Thanksgiving Darian, with lots of LOVE,



To my Birthday Boy Darian,

I am trusting that the power that watches over you and all the love that I and others have continued to send your way, are Celebrating Your 18th Birthday with you TODAY!!!

I do remember the day of your birth with all the humorous and eventful details, but the one memory I will share with you is truly THE ONE that changed how I saw the world forever.

Within a few minutes of you being born, I asked your dad to bring you to me so I could see you.   I had had a c-section and heard you on the other side of the partition, but had not gotten a look at you yet.   As he brought you near I asked him to put your cheek on mine……

The most life changing thing happened, I felt and saw THE INCARNATION OF LOVE FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME! 

Your birth was the most eventful day of my life and so today, I and so many others that know and love you through friendship, send you JOY, HAPPINESS and the prayer of your WISHES FULFILLED.

I recently attended a conference where I learned and experienced truly where joy, happiness, and fulfillment come from, and learned that just like power plants we as people, generate the Joy, Love and Happiness.  I sat with 900 people from all over the world in this conference named Brendon Burchard’s High Performance Academy. Over the four days I saw myself and others lives transformed.   I met people from ages 18 to 70 and we all had the same needs and desires, to Live, Love and Matter…

So here is my birthday gift for you dear son, when you come and see me, you will have an open ended ticket to Brendon Burchard’s conference for you and a friend.   I saw young men like yourself, wanting to learn how they can build a life of higher living and loving and mattering and how to do that from someone that has built that for himself and millions of others around the world.   Check out Brendon Burchard’s Youtube Videos.

So Happy Birthday My Dear SON, I am hoping it is your Best One Yet!   I am here Darian, Loving you today, tomorrow and always!


Happy Birthday

My Meeting with Nez Erok

Hello My Beloved Son Darian,

As I continue in my life to seek out and be a part of healing, hope, art, and influence, I was able to put this opportunity together with singer, film maker, counselor, and life coach, Nez Erok.

She was going to be in LA for one evening, after flying from Australia, to show her film, Laid To Rest,’ where it was an entry at the Awareness Film Festival.   I contacted her PR person and told our story of our separation, and my wish to meet her.    In fact, I needed to meet this woman that so boldly carries her message to the world.

Her message is of hope and healing through trauma, with a  profound awareness of the ugliness in domestic abuses of all kinds, and the senseless atrocities and victimization to children around the world.Charla-Nez Erok

Nez is so striking on camera and in her music videos. I was searching the internet on all subject matter of ‘Beauty,’ and her song Beautiful came up.    She was so captivating I couldn’t turn away.

I write this blog because this is, for now, the only way I can bridge the distance and time between me and you.   As I have continued to write to you over these past few years, and have never given up communicating to you, the WORLD reads my messages of LOVE for you and my unending support to you.

I know ‘Never Give Up Mom’ has made a difference to some, even with all the information on the internet . . .  “Never Give Up Mom” was initially a whisper from you to me, and it has now become a mantra of healing for others.

I love you darling young man Darian.

I always have, always will.


Darian ….. Do you Remember Wayne Dyer?


Hello my beloved Son,

It has been much too long since I have written to you.   I hope you are well and it must be about that time of year that you are now back in school.   I am wishing you nothing but a stellar year ahead!

Do you remember all the times that you and I watched Dr. Wayne Dyer?   He just passed away two days ago, and I was fortunate enough to go to Maui where together we had been once before, and took a workshop with him and several other writers, about 550 of them to be exact.

Writing isn’t being a wordsmith, as I know I’m not an expert in that area, but when I have written to you in this blog or to other people, there is nothing MORE important to me than my words be heard by Your Heart.

The Workshop I took was called “Writing From Your Soul,” and Wayne wrote from his soul in over 40 life alternating books.   It was never the dollars that drew him to his work, his message was always of hope and healing to and for others, and that in itself, created an enormous following.

As I sat in the front row and filled my brain with information over the three-day event, I felt so FULL, with food that my soul had been longing for.

I don’t know who you are following in your life right now, but if you are feeling “Hungry” in your soul or spirit, you’ll know you’ve made the right choice for yourself if you feel:

  1.   Safe in what you are engaging in.
  2.   Open in your heart, not just in your head. 
  3.   You would rather be doing this than any other thing you can think of.
  4.   It will be challenging, and you couldn’t imagine wanting to be anywhere else.
  5.   And last but not least IMPORTANT, the outcome is GOOD for you
    and OTHERS.

There is nothing but GOOD that will come from our story.   This is my intent and affirmation today for you, me and others that share this separation.   I am wishing you well this year, filled with all the most amazing possibilities for you!

Love you sweet son, always have….. always will,


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Wayne Dyer QuoteDr. Wayne Dyer – YouTube Videos


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Beautiful Son Darian,

This is the eve of my birthday. I have come to belief and practice that one should ask for what they want in their life.   I also believe that one needs to work for and earn that as well, at least that is what I have found to be true, so here goes…

But before I make my GREAT DESIRE KNOWN, let me start by thanking all of my friends and some family for their support, prayers and love regarding this Blog of Love and Communication to You and to all parents and children that have been led away or stolen from one another.call me

Darian, I guess one reason why I write again so soon is because I am one year older and wiser and more alive, and I just don’t want to let more time pass without saying I love you and I WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU.

So, if you can find a way to contact me in any way I will love that, be it a dream, a thought, via this blog or any other way possible.


I love you dear son, always have always will…


I Have Not Given Up, I’ve Risen Up…

Hello darling son Darian,

I know another year has passed for you at school and you must be thrilled.   I hope you are well and happy.

In an attempt to show you how I am doing, I’ll share some recent pictures with you.

I have had the great fortune of traveling across this Great Country and experience many places with amazing artist and businesses and unforgettable scenery.    I hope you get the chance one day to experience the same.

I love you dearly Darian, I have not forgotten you, how could I?

One could travel one million miles and never forget the ones that we love, and those that have loved us, thank GOD!

I love you dear son…


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