How did” Never Give Up Mom ” Get Started?

As I continue on this important project I would like to explain how I got this name “Never Give Up Mom.”   I have not seen my son for well over a year on this stretch of time, nor have I had access to him via, phone or any other form of communication for about 4 years now.

As my son’s mother, I remember his voice, and have heard it often in my memory.   I  pray constantly for God to let him know that I am thinking of him, praying for his safety, wellness and happiness.

Maybe as I have prayed for all the good things for him, he was for me.   I know my son’s heart as I raised him until his 11th year, so I know that boy.   One day I heard in my soul, Never Give Up Mom!
I felt that it did indeed come from him.   I know how he was always in support of me and how he conveyed his support to me.   Darian you wrote so many loving, supportive messages and letters to me in your elementary years, some I have framed and are hanging in this living room now.

Because of this parental alienation that your father continues to foster, I have started this blog to write to you and tell you the things I do not have a chance to say to you in person.

I believe we all have had “those” moments when we are thinking of others and they were doing the same with us.   My relationship with my son was incredibly close and indelible.   I am hoping through this form of communication, this will be the building of that bridge that will allow him to know, beyond any shadow of doubt that I love him, pray for him every day, have never forgotten him, and most importantly:


With Love to Every Child, YOUNG AND OLD, that doesn’t know they ARE LOVED.


2 comments on “How did” Never Give Up Mom ” Get Started?

  1. As a Father of one, who lost a very loving stepson, your son Darian, through the course of events caused by his real father, and his unrelenting despicable acts of ‘Parent Alienation’, I can only say that I have always supported your efforts in contacting and being with your son.

    I believe that Darian will find his way to this Blog and understand that his real Mother, is the most loving woman and mother he will ever get to know when you and he find each other again.

    As someone who has been very dear to you, I have seen firsthand the NEVER GIVE UP MOM spirit that has resided deep inside your heart and soul.

    Today, I pray more than ever that people like Darian’s father and those associated with him and all the other parents across the world, who are practicing this horrific and heartless act of ‘Parent Alienation’ will wake up soon and realize that it is truly the ‘Child’ that is suffering and in many cases, being destroyed because of their actions.

    I applaud you Charla, for being the wonderful human being and mother that you are. And I believe that God will rescue Darian from the evil that his father exhibits on a daily basis.

    • Thank you Dayle for your clear,strong and truthful comment! I wish you and your son the very best of everything this holiday and be blessed in knowing you are nothing but a loving and caring father. God Bless

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