Dear Beautiful Son Darian,Darian_note

One of the most PRECIOUS things I have is a framed work of art and poetry from you.

You not only gave it to me as a gift you recited it to me in front of a whole audience. I believe it was your 4th grade year.   You and all of your class mates did a recital of your precious feelings and observations of your lives.

You were challenged in your reading skills, but you were always incredibly clear in your levels of verbal and non verbal communication.   I will never forget that as you stood before all of the parents that attended that special event, once you began to recite what you had written, you never once took your eyes off of me.

I was so taken by your focus and deep ability to remember your poem and project with such emotion.  It not only touched me deeply but all who sat and watched you.   At the end of your performance, I looked around and I was one of many parents that had tears in her eyes.  We were all surprised at the maturity and poise you possessed that day.

I often Darian drink tea out of a cup that has these written words on it and it is truly fitting for what I just wrote about you:

‘Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take,
but by the number of moments that take our breath away….’

And that moment at Poinsetta Elementary School, IS ONE OF THOSE REMARKABLE MEMORIES FOR ME!

You took my breath away in so many, many things that I have memories of.   I am praying daily for you and your care, and I do look forward to the day that we can be together again and make our own new memories.

Until that day comes, I hope you are enjoying your year at school and all of the precious times, both good and challenging that come with being 15.


I love you Darian, always have, always will.



3 comments on “I AM FROM……

  1. Oh Charla, what a heartfelt post. I remember so well when you received that poem from Darian, and how special it was (& still is) to you. I know that he feels you, and misses you too. There WILL come a day when two hearts will be joined again. God’s plan always supersedes man’s selfishness, it is our test to be patient and hold on to our faith, and HIS hand!. ♥ God Bless You and Darian! ♥

    • Crystal, I was told by a friend recently that the “Blueprint” of our lives is our childhood, and you had mentioned to me today that is why you think Ancestor.com has become so popular. Because I was adopted, I always had such an intense longing to know where I came from and I found out 33 years later. That knowledge gave me a deep sense of PEACE, just knowing and no longer yearning.

      I want my son to know his “Blueprint.” This is the only way I know based on all of the circumstances I have to contend with to make the “TRUE BLUEPRINT” of his childhood available to him and my feelings for him known. There are no words that can convey my deep gratitude for your help in all of this. One day I hope to let Darian know, because of you, I was able to give him this link to his childhood and the unending words of LOVE from me and others. THANK YOU.

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