You are Bold Darian…

Dear beautiful son,

Sometimes it is so difficult to begin to write to you and figure out how toDarian-onboard reach you through this blog.    It is so important to me to share myself through this way of communication, because it is the most tangible way I can.

I will take out things that you wrote and crafts you made that I have saved.   You summarized a book named “Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes,” and you wrote about a little girl named Sadako that was a victim of the atom bomb being dropped in Hiroshima, her life and eventual death.

I don’t ever remember reading it, probably seeing it in the midst of all of the paper work that came home on a weekly basis.

One thing that I know deeply is the regret I have not taking in all of the milestones that came and went so quickly.

I have many wonderful memories, and as I am sifting through your work as a young boy I see what you have written about the court issues that you were forced to take place in, and what you wrote about them.

I am so sorry for how it all just turned into such a nightmare, and though I can not go back in time and redo anything, I wish I could.

You wrote at the end of the Sadako story that “This is our cry, this is our Prayer, Peace in the World!”

And I suspect that was your own personal cry in our world.   I am truly sorry for all that I contributed to in making the last year that we were together, such a place of uncertainty and unrest.

I didn’t know how to stop all of the court battles, my fear about loosing our home, my business,and the general crash of my world and how to recreate it as fast as I could.

You were always so courageous and brave and kind, and I saw the bold nature you had as well.   I know things were scary, and if I could redo anything in my life it would have been just that.

In one of the chapters you write, “legend says if 1,000 paper cranes are made, then wishes are granted.”

Just know as I write this message to you, the paper is being folded into 1,000 Paper Cranes, and will be ready soon to fly overhead to protect you and grant you your wishes.

I Love and Miss You Darian, Always Have Always Will,