Finding Healing with Horses…..

Beautiful Son Darian

It has been a busy and productive beginning of this new year and I am hoping this months post finds you well and blessed. It often seems I begin writing to you with a great deal of heavy emotion and in-trepidation. One day I hope to just hop on to my blog and write real and uplifting messages from the beginning, but I am still evolving just like all of us.

I wanted to show you the pictures of some of the horses that I have been around and working with.   Their names are Preacher and Tango.   I met them while I was in Santa Fe, and this work that I am doing with them began near your birthplace of San Francisco.   I found out some time ago that human communication was not all there was to healing my spirit and heart.   But after viewing the movie “Buck” many times, I found something incredibly unique in Buck Buchanan’s story and his healing around horses.   That started my quest to find someone that could help me. As God says and most of the time I believe, “SEEK, KNOCK, FIND,” & I did.

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I found a beautiful spirit and equine therapist in the Northern California area and began a whole new journey into trusting that I could recreate me and my life and begin to trust that life was in fact good.   There is not a person that has suffered a great loss that walks away unaffected and deeply changed.    And in this, lies the lessons that can become a catalyst to a whole new way of being in ourselves and the way we view the world.

Darian, whatever the losses and changes in your life, healing is much more than what things look like on the outside. The most profound changes happen many times in small incremental moments often undetected by the person that is making them.   These animals, the horses as I was told could crush me, they are so large, but what I found was that they are like “puppies” in a way, inquisitive, friendly, gracious and very communicative.   Their intuition is striking and I felt their communication was very much no nonsense.    Which is where I believe the term “Horse sense” came from.

There are many times I sense your presence and the dreams I have about you and your life are very vivid in nature. I have seen your YouTube videos about the “Chocolates” and the gorgeous pictures of you and a girlfriend on your way to an event.   She was almost as handsome/beautiful as you are.

And I love you, miss you,
and care about every detail of you and your 16 year old life!

I would never choose to not be there in communication with you, this has not been my choice.   But until it is strictly your choice, I will do my best to stay in faith, Trust God, keep on moving in healthy and productive ways that serve you and others, and hang out with the horses and learn their ways of grace and kindness and a form of communication that words just simply cannot convey.

I love you beautiful one, always have, always will.

Love you Mom!!