My Meeting with Nez Erok

Hello My Beloved Son Darian,

As I continue in my life to seek out and be a part of healing, hope, art, and influence, I was able to put this opportunity together with singer, film maker, counselor, and life coach, Nez Erok.

She was going to be in LA for one evening, after flying from Australia, to show her film, Laid To Rest,’ where it was an entry at the Awareness Film Festival.   I contacted her PR person and told our story of our separation, and my wish to meet her.    In fact, I needed to meet this woman that so boldly carries her message to the world.

Her message is of hope and healing through trauma, with a  profound awareness of the ugliness in domestic abuses of all kinds, and the senseless atrocities and victimization to children around the world.Charla-Nez Erok

Nez is so striking on camera and in her music videos. I was searching the internet on all subject matter of ‘Beauty,’ and her song Beautiful came up.    She was so captivating I couldn’t turn away.

I write this blog because this is, for now, the only way I can bridge the distance and time between me and you.   As I have continued to write to you over these past few years, and have never given up communicating to you, the WORLD reads my messages of LOVE for you and my unending support to you.

I know ‘Never Give Up Mom’ has made a difference to some, even with all the information on the internet . . .  “Never Give Up Mom” was initially a whisper from you to me, and it has now become a mantra of healing for others.

I love you darling young man Darian.

I always have, always will.