A New Chapter for You and Me!

Dear loved Darian,

I know your on you’re next big chapter as a freshman in university.   What a exciting and challenging time, but my sense is your ready.   The more I write and co-create projects that are near to my heart the more I understand the most important thing I can bring to any outcome is my willingness to tune in and be apart of the creation process.

I listened to Hay House radio and Robert Holden’s show this morning and he talked about one of his daily spiritual practices.  He asked Spirit every day “what would you have me know today.”  He wrote down what came to him on a piece of paper and this guided him to take the steps to co-creating his life.

Darian, I can tell you with absolute certainty that being tuned into God led to to endure many dark years when it came to accepting this separation with you, and it also led me to finish my story of healing and reclaiming my life and it leads me to seek out speakers, authors and ideas that move me in the direction of service and joy.

So my darling son, if you feel that yearning that you need to slow it all down even for a moment, trust your intuition to do so.   True Love is always there to guide you to right answers even if it isn’t a linear line.

I’ve come to believe logic is usually made from others opinions of right or wrong, but following your heart often leads to the place where you are already.

Loved son, be well on your journey.



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