The Art of Longing and Belonging

Hello readers of NGUM!

This is my first video I’ve done for NGUM. Things can and do change so quickly. Be gentle with yourselves. Be kind and caring to yourselves. Be around people that love and support you. I could have never have imagined the life I get to live now.


Everyday isn’t perfect but it is so much more beautiful than I could have ever imagined it being years ago. I just saw my son for the second time this week, after our eight year separation. I had a hard time with the “longing” again after I left our meeting. I’ll always want to know my son and share as much of his life with him that he’ll allow me to.  But today I want to live my life to its fullest with or without him. My purpose is to be more than just a mother to my son. I’m still learning this lesson, and by learning this my life and heart has become so much fuller and happier.

Never Give Up Mom’s and Dad’s, never give up on you!

Lot’s of Love,


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