About Me

I have lived quite a life so far, and it has been quite colorful as well. CM

My name is Charla Miller, and before that I was Tamara Lee Kenniston.  I am still a loving and devoted mother to Darian Charles Rahmat, an adopted sister to  brother James Miller, daughter to Chuck and Lucille Miller, and biological daughter to Lee Kenniston and Juliana Hixon.

I’m also half-sister to:   Kim, Jason, Jory, Tamara, Michelle, Laura and Ryan.   Yes, a colorful long list and story.

I am a woman that’s not afraid to tackle the hard and unconscionable subjects and some of these are:

The loss of a child, whether through Death or Abduction or Alienation.

Domestic Violence and abuse of all kinds towards women and children.

The subject and reality of Parent Alienation and all the complexity of the family court systems.

The freedoms we freely enjoy and many times take for granted  in this country.

Our  Constitution of the United States and The Bill Of Rights.

The Homeless.

Veterans that have served our country without service that is owed to them.

I am also Passionate and Grateful for the following teachers and their teachings:

As Gandhi stated: “Be the change you want to see in the World”.

God’s Grace and the teachings of Jesus.

Sister Gloria and Sister Betty

Brother Andre of Saint Joseph Oratory

Thich Nhat Hanh

Maya Angelou

Immaculee Ilibagiza

Louise Hay and Hay House Publishing

Dr. Wayne Dyer

Oprah Winfrey

Dr. Christiane Northrup

Brendon Burchard and many others

I count my blessings to have the following people in my corner:

Cristal Firestone is my dear friend and architect behind this blog. Without her love and support this blog to Darian would not exist, Thank you dear friend.

Eva Fredrichs, my first mentor and “Acting Mother

The Miller Family

The Kenniston and Hixon family’s

Sooze and Mike Magabilin

Rita Harmon (In Loving Memory)

Laura Arnold

Kathleen Anderson Allen

Amy Gosman and family

Dayle and Collin Henry

And many other’s that have passed through my life and have given me all they had to give.

I am a lover, a survivor, a business woman and an artist.  I have enjoyed great success and known devastating failure.  I have experienced health crisis, and unconscionable abuse and relentless coercion by my ex-husband in all courts of law.

I have suffered bouts of great depression , but also know Deep Contentment and Peace.

I have trekked through the Himalayas in over 17,000 feet, traversed the crater of Haleakala, swam with a wild spotted Dolphin in the Bahama Banks, and as a little girl, tracked deer in the snow with my Dad in the Sierra’s.

I have learned that nothing is perfect but it is always a perfect time to begin again, right where you are.

I write this because I love my son and to remind myself and others that quitting is NOT an option, and not my option. The legacy that I want to leave Darian is one of Victory over all of this. And with God NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE.

I am Charla Miller and I am the Author and Creator of “NEVER GIVE UP MOM.”