What You Sweet Darian and The Great John Wooden have in common !

Dear Son,

We are in full swing here in Northern California Sports, sports everywhere.   Not enough TV screens to support all the activity in this sports crazed and illustrious area of some of the best championship teams in the world.   I love it !   We always had some sort of game on in our home and chicken of some kind cooking in the kitchen.   Before dinner on Poli, a good old fashioned game of  hoops with the neighborhood kids and then a snack of yogurt.

I came across this paper as I am continuing the process of excavating my life with you.   I got this from a class that I took at UCLA.  This class was called “A VISIONARY CLASS.”

The Great John Wooden one of the most winning coaches in the sport of college basketball was one of the “visionary’s” that was showcased in this course.   He was a legend and is legendary.   His name is synonymous with respect.

There are very few people that I have met, and I have had the great fortune to have met many famous people, that left such a positive and unusually humble impression on me.  I took this course over 25 years ago and I can recall all of my time listening to him and all of the great ball players that came to our class to pay this man their respect and homage.

As I raised you and watched you over the first  decade or so, there are so many similarities to what John says here and the innate characteristics that you have always possessed.

Read this sweet son and know, that it does not matter what the new “thing is” or the seeming greatest trend in this moment that makes a great MAN.   It is truly the respect that you have for yourself.  I can promise this, respect is not an over inflated prospective of self but a caring and committed and kind view and towards others.5-18-13


Be Great DARIAN because you are, be kind and fair because it is your nature.   Be committed to individuals that may not have known commitment from others.  And with patience you will surly come to know your dreams and goals.

I am proud of you Darian.   I love you, always have always will.