Your reunion is waiting (last post)

Dear followers of Never Give Up Mom,

Today is the first day of 2018 and a new start for all of us. I want to thank you all for following me and commenting, supporting and loving me and Darian and our journey, from wherever you are.

It’s time to move on from Never Give Up Mom and take my focus to the next chapter of  my life. Our update: My son and I continue to keep in touch, I feel solid in our communication and I know for sure our physical presence of each other isn’t the most important component of our relationship, though I love to see him, our heart connection is far stronger.

I’ll continue to work with horses as I am now with a Mustang named Faith at the Sweet Pepper Ranch and this year I’m offering four Retreats for Women at their Ranch. Our Wonder and Beauty Retreats include equine inspired activities, beauty makeovers, organic food, yoga, and more! This was birthed from my desire to share all I have been gifted from Dr. Lambert and many others along my healing path.


Together again !

It’s time for your Reunion to Yourself, in your Relationships and your Big Dreams! 

Time goes by fast as you’ll see here in my compilation of my time with my son. He’s 20 now, and it’s my time to share all that I’ve discovered along the way.

Sending you all love and blessings for an incredible New Year and the Reunion of your Hearts.


Would love for you to be a part of my Joy!

Dear followers of Never Give Up Mom,

This post truly shows how much can change for the better. I published my book, Wonder and Beauty: My Journey from Heartbreak to Healing through the Wonder of Horses, last October. Right after I pressed send to publish my book, my son and I met in person for the first time in eight years! I’ve spoken at several venues and have many podcast interviews coming out this year. I’ve been asked to join the iconic Book Passage in San Francisco,@bookpassageferrybuilding, for an author’s event, September 16th @3:30 at their Ferry building location. If you can make it I’d love to meet you and sign my book for you. Thank you for all the years and many prayers you’ve sent to me and my son. They were heard.

With great appreciation,


The wait is over…

Dear readers,

Where do I begin? Eight years ago the unthinkable happened to me and Darian.

This isn’t the story I’ll speak of today but within these pictures are  years of writing, sorrow and hope.Yesterday was the day of jubilation, joy and peace! We were both nervous and the prior years set us both up to doubt our meeting. I will go on to say that as I write in my upcoming book, Wonder and Beauty, we sat together “in a peace that surpasses all understanding.”

In the Ingrid Betencourt’s book, Even Silence has an End, our silence came to an end and we were joined by people that love and support us. People without judgement and malice and are happy to share our breakthrough meeting with us.

I’d like to say to others that are waiting for your breakthrough meeting, job, relationship to change course or meeting the love of your life. Set yourself free first! Set your self on a course of little or no regret.  Live in an unlimited way, even if that’s in your mind and on your vision board. Pay attention to reoccurring ideas, thoughts and signs and DO NOT dismiss the whispers of your heart. This is your True North.

I want to thank so many for your prayers and well wishes, some that have passed away but never the less saw our reunion yesterday from their place in heaven.

Never give up on your dream’s, stay the course and remember to run YOUR race…

Sure enough when you feel that longing tug deep in your soul, you’ll know your hearts desire is right around the corner.

Blessings to my son Darian and to all Never Give Up Mom followers.



My Meeting with Nez Erok


Hello My Beloved Son Darian,

As I continue in my life to seek out and be a part of healing, hope, art, and influence, I was able to put this opportunity together with singer, film maker, counselor, and life coach, Nez Erok.

She was going to be in LA for one evening, after flying from Australia, to show her film, Laid To Rest,’ where it was an entry at the Awareness Film Festival.   I contacted her PR person and told our story of our separation, and my wish to meet her.    In fact, I needed to meet this woman that so boldly carries her message to the world.

Her message is of hope and healing through trauma, with a  profound awareness of the ugliness in domestic abuses of all kinds, and the senseless atrocities and victimization to children around the world.Charla-Nez Erok

Nez is so striking on camera…

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It Goes Fast…Darian!

Dear Loved Son,

What a relief! It’s spring … I can feel you are busy in your senior year of High School and I am sure  you are busy and maybe a bit overwhelmed.   In a few months you will graduate I assume, and with that, your “Wings” to your future will be full grown.   I have been writing, loving and mothering from this place called  Never Give Up for four years now, and yes today’s post is much easier to contemplate and begin.

I have seen some of your passion through your basketball stats on your school site and your bright and creative self in some of your videos.    Bravo Darian!!

So I will keep this post of LOVE short for you and the others that have followed Never Give Up Mom and just say, ” I am always with you.   Be Brave, have courage and love life.”

I am proud of you in ways that there are no words for…

Love you now and always,



Follow Your Bliss,Darian…


Dear Loved Son,

I am hoping you have had a wonderful start to your last year in High School!

I sense you are working hard and doing your best to get ready to step into the world as a young man. These last few precious months that are left in your primary school years are exciting times. I remember mine clearly and how anxious I was to get started on all of my dreams. There are many incredible teachers I’ve had along the way and many insightful authors,speakers and courses I still continue to engage with. I believe learning is a life long practice and I hope you feel the same too. Some of my favorites are, Maya Angelou, John F. Kennedy, Ralph Waldo Emerson and Abraham Lincoln and Dr.Wayne Dyer. There are dozens of great thought leaders I have learned from and many have been some of my best friends. So what can I give you this month to ponder? Well this man, his work and philosophies are among the most impactful and thought provoking I have come across. Maybe you have studied him? After the careers, jobs and work tracks I have had the privilege to engage in I believe the following quote from Joseph Campbell is one of the best bits of knowledge I can share with you.

“If you do follow your bliss you put yourself on a kind of track that has been there all the while, waiting for you, and the life that you ought to be living is the one you are living. Follow your bliss and don’t be afraid, and doors will open where you didn’t know they were going to be.”

Joseph Campbell

I love you dear son and believe in you whole-heartedly

2 years oceanLearn, Live and Experience your Life, and above all…Follow your Bliss!

Love you Darian, always will!



Out of Sight, Never out of Mind

Dear Beautiful Son Darian,

I have been remiss in getting a writing to you and I will say I am sorry for that.Though you and I have not seen each other in many years now and you may be out of my physical sight you are NEVER out of my mind and NEVER out of my heart with thoughts of love and care for you. Each and every day I wake up you are with me. I know this is your Junior year and I am hoping you are finding subjects to be passionate about and new adventures to engage in.
I spoke to a friend recently and told him of my “writers block” having to do with my blog to you, and he said Charla, it does not have to be a writing from the sermon on the mount, just tell him how you are and that of course you love him!
So with that advice I will say this to you. I am well Darian and my day’s are filled with meaningful work and new relationships. I see in a way that faith can only allow us to see. There is good in most of my ventures and peace throughout most of my days. Most of the time I’m able to see by faith and not exclusively by sight. There is never a moment though, weather I am aware of it or not that I don’t miss you and silently pray for your protection and every bit of happiness for you.

That prayer is and always will be unending.
I am proud of you in everything that I  know you are, and hold dear for you everything you wish to be. I know every bit of your spirit and I trust that God’s navigation of your life with the choices that you are making will be for good.
I wish I could be there with you to see your victories and failures and everything in between. But until the time we are able to meet again and I can hold you near know and trust you are never further than a thought away from me.

With all the precious love I have for you now and forever,