To my Birthday Boy Darian,

I am trusting that the power that watches over you and all the love that I and others have continued to send your way, are Celebrating Your 18th Birthday with you TODAY!!!

I do remember the day of your birth with all the humorous and eventful details, but the one memory I will share with you is truly THE ONE that changed how I saw the world forever.

Within a few minutes of you being born, I asked your dad to bring you to me so I could see you.   I had had a c-section and heard you on the other side of the partition, but had not gotten a look at you yet.   As he brought you near I asked him to put your cheek on mine……

The most life changing thing happened, I felt and saw THE INCARNATION OF LOVE FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME! 

Your birth was the most eventful day of my life and so today, I and so many others that know and love you through friendship, send you JOY, HAPPINESS and the prayer of your WISHES FULFILLED.

I recently attended a conference where I learned and experienced truly where joy, happiness, and fulfillment come from, and learned that just like power plants we as people, generate the Joy, Love and Happiness.  I sat with 900 people from all over the world in this conference named Brendon Burchard’s High Performance Academy. Over the four days I saw myself and others lives transformed.   I met people from ages 18 to 70 and we all had the same needs and desires, to Live, Love and Matter…

So here is my birthday gift for you dear son, when you come and see me, you will have an open ended ticket to Brendon Burchard’s conference for you and a friend.   I saw young men like yourself, wanting to learn how they can build a life of higher living and loving and mattering and how to do that from someone that has built that for himself and millions of others around the world.   Check out Brendon Burchard’s Youtube Videos.

So Happy Birthday My Dear SON, I am hoping it is your Best One Yet!   I am here Darian, Loving you today, tomorrow and always!


Happy Birthday


  1. Welcome to Adulthood Darian! It’s a really big deal. I’m sure you will claim a delicious future, enjoying every single day for all that it brings. Looking forward to seeing you again one day in all your adultness, till then, Peace be with you! All our love, the Gosman family – Amy, Delia, Bella and Angus

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