The wait is over…

Dear readers,

Where do I begin? Eight years ago the unthinkable happened to me and Darian.

This isn’t the story I’ll speak of today but within these pictures are  years of writing, sorrow and hope.Yesterday was the day of jubilation, joy and peace! We were both nervous and the prior years set us both up to doubt our meeting. I will go on to say that as I write in my upcoming book, Wonder and Beauty, we sat together “in a peace that surpasses all understanding.”

In the Ingrid Betencourt’s book, Even Silence has an End, our silence came to an end and we were joined by people that love and support us. People without judgement and malice and are happy to share our breakthrough meeting with us.

I’d like to say to others that are waiting for your breakthrough meeting, job, relationship to change course or meeting the love of your life. Set yourself free first! Set your self on a course of little or no regret.  Live in an unlimited way, even if that’s in your mind and on your vision board. Pay attention to reoccurring ideas, thoughts and signs and DO NOT dismiss the whispers of your heart. This is your True North.

I want to thank so many for your prayers and well wishes, some that have passed away but never the less saw our reunion yesterday from their place in heaven.

Never give up on your dream’s, stay the course and remember to run YOUR race…

Sure enough when you feel that longing tug deep in your soul, you’ll know your hearts desire is right around the corner.

Blessings to my son Darian and to all Never Give Up Mom followers.



7 comments on “The wait is over…

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  2. “We sat there together In a peace that surpasses all understanding.” Wishing continued blessings for you and yours my friend. Am so happy for y’all. Love you, Nonie

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