Your reunion is waiting (last post)

Dear followers of Never Give Up Mom,

Today is the first day of 2018 and a new start for all of us. I want to thank you all for following me and commenting, supporting and loving me and Darian and our journey, from wherever you are.

It’s time to move on from Never Give Up Mom and take my focus to the next chapter of  my life. Our update: My son and I continue to keep in touch, I feel solid in our communication and I know for sure our physical presence of each other isn’t the most important component of our relationship, though I love to see him, our heart connection is far stronger.

I’ll continue to work with horses as I am now with a Mustang named Faith at the Sweet Pepper Ranch and this year I’m offering four Retreats for Women at their Ranch. Our Wonder and Beauty Retreats include equine inspired activities, beauty makeovers, organic food, yoga, and more! This was birthed from my desire to share all I have been gifted from Dr. Lambert and many others along my healing path.


Together again !

It’s time for your Reunion to Yourself, in your Relationships and your Big Dreams! 

Time goes by fast as you’ll see here in my compilation of my time with my son. He’s 20 now, and it’s my time to share all that I’ve discovered along the way.

Sending you all love and blessings for an incredible New Year and the Reunion of your Hearts.


6 comments on “Your reunion is waiting (last post)

  1. Amazing story Charla! Congratulations
    to you, beautiful Darien and the hope
    you have provided and continue to
    inspire in Women.
    Happy New Year 2018

  2. Charla it’s been a joy to follow your journey through uncertainty into your knowing.
    I’m finding my footing to share my pain that leads to remembering who I am so that I can help others to heal.
    Thank you for shining your light.

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